This evening there was a 6 hour sale at CompUSA where the main items of
interest were a $20 wireless router and a free copy of MS Flight Sim.
It was all using rebates as they tend to do. Anyway, I had just heard
about the $20 router so I thought I’d go check it out. You could tell
where the main sale items were by the empty spaces on the shelves. And
we got there only 30 minutes after the sale started. Fullest I’ve ever
seen CompUSA and everybody was crowded around the empty spaces on the
shelves. Woot!
Ever wonder who P is
in that Friends of P song by The Rentals? I think we’re getting closer
to tracking him down. He apparently drives a red Jaguar that we
spotted downtown.
Went snowboarding in
Santa Fe yesterday. Toward the end of the day, the fog got so heavy
you could barely see 20 feet away at the top. It’s a weird feeling to
snowboard blind. We went with Vanessa’s cousin and his friend. They
found some places that were good for trying jumps. I tried a number of
jumps and didn’t land a single one. They’d see me go into the trees
looking for a jump and then they’d hear a loud “OOF!” as I went down on
the landing. After that, we went to Tomasita’s in Santa Fe where we
made them eat the manly green chile they cannot find in Kansas.
Actually, they liked it. Actually, they ate it with carbonated
beverages which makes it double-painful. There’s no stopping them!

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