Grrr, Mozilla Composer is not very smart. When in doubt, it uses
the font html tag. I found several sections of html it created
with about 8 useless font tags and no actual text. For those
of you who don’t know html, that’s a silly thing to do.
Mozilla Composer is a free program to make webpages.
Webpages are pages full of text and…well, you’re looking at one.
Alas, Mozilla Composer is the best free program for making

Ya know, as far as business plans go, this
doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in me.

I went to the yearly CompUSA sale where they have two or three
super deals to draw you in…like a 17 inch monitor for free after
rebate or surround speakers for free after rebate. Of course,
they seem to stock about three of each of these and you never actually
see them. They had a pretty cheap DVD burner. Now I can theoretically get our
wedding video copied to DVD as well as doing some silly video editing.
Ah, I’ve wanted to do that for a while. At one point in the wedding, the video camera was
actually turned upside-down, but the program that came with the burner
can fix that, fortunately. I shall do a mercifully brief edited version
and then a long boring director’s cut with lots of shots of people just standing around.

If we can get
adapter working, it should power a portable mp3 player in the car and
broadcast it to the car radio. I got the broadcast part working and then failed
to read the instructions before powering the mp3 player with it. Blew 2 fuses
before I realized I was doing it wrong…must get more fuses.

why do the starfleet children hate me so?

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