Just got back from Vanessa‘s
mom’s house.  She had the new
karaoke machine
that scores you.  That thing is a total blast. 
But I confirmed that it’s scoring was a bit off when I kept scoring above
92 and Vanessa kept scoring high 80’s and she was much better.  Anyway,
I sang Boys Don’t Cry by the Cure and got it almost spot on.  Sang
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (always wanted to do that on karaoke…Give
me tiiiiiiiiime…)  Tried a Bee Gees song, Tragedy and strained my
voice.  Several other 80’s song.  I think I got a 99 on Smokie
Sings by ABC.  It’d be a great machine to buy if it weren’t $400. 
Ah well, maybe the price will come down or they’ll come out with a computer
version or something.  One funny thing was that the lyrics were often
messed up.  I assume that most of the songs were unlicensed. Oh yeah,
and no fights
out when I sang “My Way”.

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