Recently at the Manzano Mesa community center near us, we saw these Norwegian
dancers. They are apparently Norway’s main dancers as they show up
first in a web search. They said “OOOAH OOAH!” loudly and didn’t smile
much. The audience was packed with senior citizens. Them being the
“main” Norwegian dancers reminds me of several small towns you go
through on the way between Albuquerque and Mountainair where you see
THE town cat or THE town payphone.
CORRECTION:  Vanessa pointed out that they are actually from
Wisconsin.  Great is my shame.

Last night we went
to the grandparents’ in Peralta. Some of my cousins were there and we
nerded with 4-player gameboy games and a bit of Gojira on Gamecube. They stole
the idea from Neo Geo King of Monsters! Most nerdly fun it was.

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