Ah, rebate ripoffs come through again. Bought a cheapo jet-engine loud
Mad Dog CD burner where they split the rebate into two rebates.
Both rebates want the real UPC code cut from the box. I copied it for one
of them and, of course, they email me saying they want the real one on both rebates.
Conveniently, the only way to reach the Siberian rebate center is
through snail mail. Lesson learned: don’t buy
Mad Dog hardware from
Office Max. Better yet, don’t buy things on rebate…a lesson
I keep forgetting. Ah, ranting on a webpage is always more satisfying because it’s
all searchable by google. Do you know how many google searches I get on this
page looking for pirated mp3s? I wonder why that is.
Anyways, always be suspicious when something seems to be FREE.

Hmm, my MP3 player makes noise as it DOWNLOADS.

Since the company that owns the MP3 format is pretty stingy, it costs
money to save as MP3 (encode MP3). To save as MP3
, say, from Audacity,
install Winamp and you’ll find lame_enc.dll
in the Winamp plugins directory.

I always feel silly when I have to copy a paper or fax a paper…so pointless with the internet.
At least we found that we could scan a paper and then print it to do copying.
Now to figure out the faxing over the internet part.
Hmm, wonder if this could be it?
They claim to do it for free.

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