I was just remembering when we went to Universal Studios on our honeymoon.
Fred and Barney (as seen on Vanessa’s
page) were walking around and they see this young woman with a handkerchief
on her head and those caprice pants (you know, hippie style college girl)
and Fred says, “Aaah! a pirate!” and Barney says, “Where?” I was giggling
to myself. Well, we’ve been married six months today (Vanessa and I, not
the hippie) and it’s been great! I look forward to many more.
I was just wondering. What’s
the point of the Atomic Fireball candy once you have braved your way through
the extremely hot outer-surface? The remainder is a tame cinammon-flavored
disappointment after that.
(a program where you can build with legos.)
Last night Mark and I played
AOK online with four other people. One of our teammates lags out before
the game starts so we are left with the two of us against three. And we
win! Or rather, Mark wins for us as he kinda rushes the best player. After
that, I took care of one of the remaining guys who wasn’t that good and
then Mark takes care of the other guy. I thought we were going to lose
badly but it went better than I thought.
How’s this
for a computer case? (foam)

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