“Tainted Love” was originally a 60’s soul song by Gloria Jones. Who knew? Well, I didn’t.
Here is a site that is building a database of cover
song listings.

I was remembering back to a day in college when a computer science professor
was lecturing. As he wrote on the blackboard, I noticed he had toilet paper
hanging from the waist of his trousers in the back. Such is the social inadequacy of
computer science majors that no one (including myself) had the courage
to tell him throughout the entire class.

I watched most of Citizen Kane the other night to see what all the fuss was
about. I assume it had some technically ingenious camera shots, but I didn’t
think the movie itself was that great. It just kinda dragged on about this
newspaper mogul’s life. Something distracted me later on and I quit watching.

I saw on Cops the other night a “bike sting” where they put a Mercedes
Benz mountain bike (who knew?) against the side of a liquor store on Wyoming and Central
here in Albuquerque. When some guy came to steal it, he played stupid…that
seems to be a favorite method of people on the show.
Uuhhh…it was my bike…uhhh…I dunno…uhhh. This was the same spot near
that McDonalds where we once saw a guy run out of the convenience store through
the McDonalds with a case of beer and get chased by the clerk with a knife, only
to have a cop pull up outside and apprehend the crook.

I’m nicely recovered from the nasty little sickness I had at the end of last week.
Dunno if it was food poisoning or what, but I’ll never look at
Freschetta the same.

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