It occurs to me that with the mp3 player and the battery operated FM
transmitter, I am a walking radio station. Tune into me at 88.7!
Available in stereo within 12 feet of Nathan.

We’re cancelling our Comcast cable but keeping the cable modem service.
It’s all just way too expensive. I suppose it will save some time that we spend randomly turning on the TV,
switching channels for 5 minutes and determining that there’s nothing
good on anyway. Comcast has a silly $15 penalty on cable modem if you
don’t have any cable TV service, so we have to buy the $10 “limited
basic” cable which includes network stations so that we can save $5. (Of course, they call the $15 a “discount”.)

When people dance like robots, it’s robot dancing. I guess
this is people dancing.

Here are potentially some music videos. Find on the page where it says,
“Browse only entries with viewable video stream”.
Many of their links don’t work and the site is pop-up city.
Also, the videos are usually streaming rather than downloadable. But
they have a few
by more obscure musicians.

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