There was a potluck after the morning assembly yesterday. It was held
at an elementary school. In the school gym, I got to try rope climbing
for the first time. The rope with knots was pretty easy, but the one
without them was impossible for me. I either couldn’t get the motions
down or was too weak.
Last night, my aunt
and uncle from Alaska as well as an aunt from California came to visit
a bit as they were in town. They showed us their DDR skills. According
to the DDR narrator, “their steps are amazing.” My aunt commented on
the increasingly sparse population of hair on my head. Oh, that must
be the part where the pillow rubs.
Vanessa gets her
wisdom teeth out tomorrow so I’ll take the day off to take care of her.
The important thing any time someone mentions having their wisdom teeth
out is to tell the story of your own wisdom teeth removal, so here
goes… I thought the anesthesia was supposed to put you to sleep so I
kept saying, “Ah aaAhk” (I’m awake) during the procedure. The dentist
kept saying, “close your eyes.” When I got home, I was sitting on the
couch watching TV and shoveling a shake into my mouth but my mouth was
still numb. Finally, I looked down and noticed that the shake had just
been running out onto my shirt.

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