Tried a couple of flash-based games last night. I played Lingo with Vanessa
on Game Show Network’s website.
Also played Zuma, which is pretty good.

Kiernan pointed me to open-source Stepmania,
another Dance Dance Revolution simulator for PC. Dance With Intensity
(the other famous simulator) website seems
to be in disrepair. I’m trying to put some steps on a song in Stepmania.
We’ll see how it goes. You can apparently buy
adapters for your Playstation
pads to hook up to a USB port. So the idea would be to hook your PC
to your TV and put dance steps on your favorite songs, like this.
Voila, customized DDR. Of course, it’s unlikely that you can dance really fast for 3 minutes,
so you had better cut the songs down to around a minute.

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