Vanessa said she saw a guy wearing a turban who was driving around with
a big American flag and bumper sticker that said “We support the US.”
Someone should start a website with a collection of pictures of people
who have to tack all this stuff on their cars and businesses to protect
Looks like Casio is
making a new Exilim camera
that’s 3 megapixel and has optical zoom. The best thing is that they
still fit in your pocket. Sweet camera. Casio should just give me one
so I can extol its virtues on my webpage. Yeah, I’d sell out for that.
It worked for that Dr. Calahan’s castor oil! No longer do I suffer
from dyspeptic maladies and bad humors! Huzzah! 🙂
I was watching a
documentary about an eccentric English inventor last night. It was
called “Chitty Chitty Bang
. I learned that Bulgaria has no children! They don’t tell
you this stuff in school!
I went to Grandma’s Music and Sound and got a Yamaha DGX-202
keyboard. We’ve been wanting to get one for a while and think it would
be helpful in learning a few songs on the piano. Plus, I want to hook
it up through MIDI to the freeware Buzz software.
Vanessa’s wisdom
teeth removal yesterday went well. She has more on her page.
She was already trying to eat a tortilla this morning. I spent
yesterday with her, taking care of her. Mum-in-law and gramma Peny
stopped by too. Lesson learned: Oprah’s audience annoys me. I can
predict what they will applaud about 10 seconds before they do so. In
general, the show makes me feel like Gargamel for some reason. Also
learned: non-dairy Slimfast tastes like dirt.

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