We’ll prolly try boarding in Santa Fe Saturday with Amanda and Kyle.
The snow report
looks good. We haven’t gone all winter, so it’s about time.
I think I might have
grown out of super-repetitive techno. I was listening to DJ Skynet on
the John Peel show. It just sounded like a CD with a scratch on it.
Just running the same pattern over and over in the sequencer with high
beats per minute. Not really much effort put into making it
interesting. Not that I’ll get rid of the techno in my collection.
It’s good chill music.
“We call it
Seasoning Accumulation,” Cogan said. “If you love cheese, this
is the Chee-to for you. It’s beyond dangerously cheesy.”
I could just see a conversation with a doctor…Listen, Mr. Alter.
I’m afraid the lab tests have come back and you have a serious case of
Seasoning Accumulation. I give you a year at the most.
I just saw a
javelina glide past the window and my cousin Josh has updated his webpage! (Only one
of those actually happened. See store for details.)

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