The Insert Clip Art icon in MS Word looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

I was talking to
Doug about what I will do if I go completely bald. I theorize that I
would shave off all the heavier hair around the sides to accentuate
the three or four beautiful strands of hair on the top. Also on this
subject, what happens if I were to wash my hair with that baldness
shampoo? Would my knuckles become hairier? And getting it in my ears
would make a bad problem worse. Ya know, those spray-on hair cans
should come with stencils so you could do corn-rows.
I went to the
library during lunch. I was hoping they’d have some interesting DVDs
and music CDs from what I saw on their list. What they had on hand
was extremely limited, though. Being downtown, everything of any
interest they put on shelves prolly gets stolen. There were a lot of
books on cassette and videotapes but I can’t really play those very
easily. I think we have an old cassette Walkman and we do have a VCR
hooked to a tiny TV. I think tape is yucky. The main goal of any
machine that handles tape is to eat and shred that tape. The library
should somehow check out audio and video files. Maybe eventually,
there’ll be no books. He he.
Ah, so there’s what happened to Miho
Hatori from Cibo Matto. Well, aside from Baldwin Bros., Gorillaz, etc.
My cousin Josh says it appears that she now works at Hotdog on a Stick. That
reminds me. I need to get a Hotdog on a Stick hat to wear for
snowboarding. Uh oh, Josh feels betrayed because he just
found out hotdogs on a stick are made from 100% turkey. Where’re my
pork by-products?

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