3/8/2002 lunch

A huge lunch entry today…
Frozen pasta product. Mmm boy. Veggies and pudding too.
From thedenverchannel.com:
“Women’s lifestyle magazine Shape has some guidance for
health-conscious junk-food eaters.
Can fast food be healthy? The magazine published a list of the “best”
junk foods in seven categories. It sought to identify items with the
least calories and fat per serving.
Pizza lovers will be disappointed that a real pizza didn’t win the
pizza category. That award went to Subway’s pizza sub sandwich, with
448 calories and 22 grams of fat.”
Whew! I knew that was a good sandwich! Wait a minute…that’s not
healthy. Oh well.
I remarked to a coworker that even though these frozen dinners are really
not that bad, I seem to get tired of them anyway. He said, “Yeah,
it’s like eating food from the same restaurant over and over.”

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