Vanessa was looking at the Albuquerque
curbside recycling information.
They were initially unclear about whether you could use plastic grocery bags to
hold recycled materials or whether the bags must be clear.
Vanessa emailed them and they helpfully changed to wording on the page:
“Any bag used for recyclables must be clear or
The purpose is so that the driver can verify that the
bag contains recyclables and not garbage.”
Hmm, that clears things up.

I hear there are alternatives to the rather unpleasant real player and
Quicktime player. Search the net for real alternative and quicktime alternative.

So we have our

baby registry

at Target. See if you can spot the special item I tacked on near the end of it.
Daddy needs something to do while waiting at the hospital.
It’s kinda like tacking on an unrelated bill rider in congress.
Let’s call it the Final Fantasy Healthy Children Initiative.
(This scheme totally failed in the wedding registry.
I believe that was something like Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland Homeland Initiative.
Perhaps the name was too long.)

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