Vanessa bought some Beng-Beng.
It’s a candy bar from Indonesia. I thought it tasted like dirt. Vanessa
thought it tasted like meat. Vince thought it tasted like old garlic.
Lesson learned: don’t buy it.

DugJ: Caution. Moving walk is about to end. Please watch your step.
nathanalter: you can’t be messaging from a moving walk-way
nathanalter: unless the airport has 802.11
DugJ: exactly
nathanalter: wow
nathanalter: impressive
DugJ: i’m back in L.A. [Los Alamos…what gives? 🙂 ]

It’s señor
! They cover Kraftwerk and other songs with a Latin beat.
Also, I heard their cover of Beat It yesterday. Where can I get an
Emperor Norton T-shirt? That label is the bizzomble vernacadongle!

In the bowling yesterday, I played hideously. Under 100 in both games!
I had this mean bowling ball with a chip in the thumb hole that abraded
my thumb. I’m lucky to be alive! The co-worker who hadn’t played since
he was a kid won. I had wondered who would be bowling in the afternoon
on a weekday. Seniors! In the next lane was a guy who got 10 strikes in
a row. Perhaps someday that’ll be me…rollin’ a curveball in my dress
slacks and T-shirt with my comb-over.

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