story behind all those ugly “Work From Home” signs
plastered all over
your town. (They’re mostly done by people in the Herbalife diet scam/pyramid
scheme. The active ingredient in the effective type of Herbalife is the
dangerous ephedrine.
The reformulated Herbalife is probably ineffective anyway.) No, you can’t
get rich quick. No, you can’t lose weight quickly and easily. Yes, you
do have to do some unpleasant things in life. Didn’t you learn anything
from Brussels sprouts?
In Japan, they’re working
on a
that automatically adjusts its own pitch and tempo to yours.
So if you’re off-key, no problem. Hopefully, they will improve the scoring
I got JKII last night. Made
me a bit motion-sick after playing a while…which is pretty unusual for
me. PC games are starting to be sold in a smaller cardboard box than those
jumbo ones they used to be in. It seems to me they could get it down to
a simple jewel case like Playstation games were sold in. Apparently, retail
game shelf space is very precious and you want to conserve it as much as
possible. But anyway, there’s also less trash if you keep the package size

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