Vanessa says they should give PCs to poor households and kill two
birds with one stone. Computing and heating. Our computer room is
often much hotter than the rest of the house. The processor
on a PC is like a little heater and the computer fans blow the heat outward.

I just made up my own literary term. “comnambulistication”
It’s when you use similar-sounding joined words together. i.e.
“Cut the chitchat, Billy Bob, and give me another chimichanga.”
Now if I can only get it accepted by the turquoise jewelry wearing
association of high school English teachers. But with my terrible
English syntax, it’s not likely.

Autechre sounds similar to The Orb. That avant garde stuff begins
to grate on my nerves. I could make the same discordant noise
by banging on my keyboard and I know nothing about music. It’s
like those paint splatter paintings. Music is supposed to be
interesting, but it needs a balance of interesting and likeable.
At least, that’s my infallible opinion about artistic matters.
Don’t ask me how I ended up with three CDs of The Orb.

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