I just got Video Deluxe 2.0 Plus by Magix. At
it’s the po’ man’s
Adobe Premiere.
I look forward to making some fun videos with it. (Yes, it can output
Kiernan says some of the bad reviews it got may have been because people didn’t patch it up.
I haven’t had a chance to play around with it much yet, but it seems pretty nice so far.

Hmmm, my digital clock on my desk, given to me as some sort of award has frozen.

It reminds me of how we used to play on the trampoline which created
lots of static electricity and you could get some fantastic
electrical shocks. I had an old digital watch and would shock
it. It would make odd sounds and display odd things.

What if you didn’t know that digital cameras were special and you just
bought one. “Boy, this camera is great…too bad I’m out of space and
have to delete my pictures again.”

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