Saturday, we went to the park with Cookie, the dog, to throw Aerobie, the flying ring. It goes
much further than a regular frisbee. If you’re throwing with the wind,
it’s really hard to be accurate with it and it goes over the other
person’s head. Vanessa was getting rather frustrated with my horrid aim
in general. She threw it right to me most of the time.

I had the sermon Sunday evening, which I amazingly finished ahead of
time, not leaving it till the last second!

Vince and I played Voyager Capture the Flag with three computer players
on each team. The scores were as low as a soccer game. Very
interesting way to play. With only two computers running, the computer
room becomes as hot as a sauna. I hope PCs get cooler in the future. Or
that the games platform switches to Apple or some sort of RISC. (yeah

Yesterday Vanessa and I went biking along Tramway. I challenged her to
go from Eubank and Central to Montgomery and Tramway and she made it! I
owe her a back massage.

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