Kiernan pointed out a New Mexico
non-profit digital filmmaking
website. An opportunity for New Mexicans to learn some
stuff about filmmaking (if they have the cash for the courses. 🙂 Of
course, the nerds just want to get their hands on high-res firewire
cameras…not decorate some set. Well, it looks like they might have
forums and video contests of various kinds, which could be interesting.

We went weightlifting last night and I am MIGHTY! (if by “mighty” you
mean slightly stronger than several stout twigs bunched together) After
that, we filled out 5 rebate forms so that we could get stuff from
OfficeMax for free. Well, that is if we are lucky enough to get the
rebates back. They each wanted the original sales receipt which isn’t
even possible. Hopefully they’ll accept the special rebate receipts.

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