Kicked it this weekend with Vanessa and the Playstation.  Yo. 
She gots mad Crash Team Racin’ skillz.  Word.
Now your daughter can fulfill her dreams of Imelda
!  Toy shoes…is it just me or does that sound really boring?

Some corporations threaten legal action if you use parts of their corporate slogans in a popular web
page because you are “diluting their trademark”.  (“for dummies” for
example.)  I have an idea.  If we could somehow infiltrate the
spamware that spammers use to generate their spam and make it insert phrases
like “for dummies” in the spam then the large corporations would seek the
spammers out and threaten legal action against them and bring them down. 
Thus, it would cost the litigation-hungry corporations money and also the
spammers.  If only stupid ideas worked in the real world.
Did a biovirtual
model of Vanessa.

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