Just spent half an hour fighting with Microsoft Word’s outline formatting
to no avail. Fun, fun, fun!
an interesting page about playing the lottery. You can gauge how poor a
neighboorhood is by the number of lottery tickets sold there. One is many
times more likely to pass away in a car accident on the way to buy a lottery
ticket than to actually win the lottery.
So for the East Indian potluck
at work, I figured I’d make chilled
yogurt rice
because it sounded nice and easy. Then I go to the store
to get the ingredients and realize it’s actually rather complex with many
ingredients that I don’t know the definition of. I’d have to buy about
a pound of whole cumin in a bag that I’d never use again…also some asoefetida
or something. There were no whole curry leaves in the store and I’d have
had to buy a whole bag just to get two of them. And I wasn’t very certain
that “gram” means lentil. There were other ingredients that I was at a
loss for since I don’t speak much (if any) Indian (Hindi?). So after spending
quite a while in the store trying to figure things out, I settled on a
couple of boxes of a sort of rice pudding mix called kheer. Just add milk!
woo! And what did I learn from all of this? Just go to India Palace. It’s
easier. The sign-up list for the potluck is filled with non-East-Indian
food so far.

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