an article about rebates. We’ve filled out a lot of rebate forms in
recent months and only received a few of them back. I may have to
change my policies toward rebates. I think they usually hope you’ll
forget about the rebate after you’ve sent it in. It probably takes more
work to follow up on all the rebates than they are worth in the first
place. So remember to look at the pre-rebate cost of something rather
than post-rebate. Guess I better quit visiting salescircular.com.

I was watching The
Gathering TV
last night. The Gathering 2003 is a 5000 person
computer party in Norway 5000 computer screens illuminating the dark
while some trip hop and French rap played. I almost cried. Good music,
amazing demos, LAN gaming. Probably the coolest place in the world to be
right now (if you’re a nerd.) Their website might be down right now.

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