And now,
seconds of sickening animal cuteness

I just got a new computer
that is swapping on the hard drive terribly as I play it. Kiernan
looked up how much memory it’s using and its something like 780 MB!
So, to play the game most effectively, you need one gig of memory!

Outside the church building, there were a line of weeds stuck in the
cracks along the edge
of the blacktop. My brother, Ethan and I perfected our cooperative weed
pulling. Many
of the weeds were stuck so well that one person couldn’t pull them. But
when two people
pull together, they pop right out. Hmph, your weed-pulling school is
weak. We shall defeat you
with our earthquake of a thousand weed-pulling furies.

Last night, I helped my aunt in Alaska using Windows XP remote
assistance. I tell ya,
that is much better than trying to chat with the person about the
problem through AIM.
Just control their computer directly and fix it for them. I was
thinking one could make some
extra money on the side just remotely installing and running spybot on
peoples’ machines for,
say, $5. (relatives and friends being exempt, of course) 🙂

We had a baby shower this weekend. We got a plethora of baby
paraphernalia. Someone even
went for my baby registry rider entry for Final Fantasy Tactics
Advance. I was astounded.
Now I can pass the hours of labor with ease. (yeah, right) Kelly and
Bethany favored us
with their karaoke rendition of a BeeGees song that is, most

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