a cute song. (mp3) It’s about computers.

Ah, a weekend of furniture moving, nerding and sickliness. We inherited
some furniture from me mum-in-law as she is changing some of her
furniture out. Vince and Kiernan graciously came over to help us move
it. Vanessa got to drive a U-Haul for the first time and didn’t seem to
mind it at all. After the furniture moving, it was an evening of
computer games and pizza. Yesterday we went all over the place trying to
find Homeworld because I’d
seen it at Best Buy for $10. Everything was closed for easter so we
were unsuccessful. Then Vince showed us some bits of his rather odd
video collection. This included things like Cyndi Lauper’s “The Goonies
R Good Enough”, Devo’s “We are Devo”, and a video by the Earons (some
guys who like to wear helmets.) (Vanessa looked at the TV kinda weird
when she saw some of these.) Anyway, Vince and Kiernan are working on
digitizing some of these videos for the posterity of the internet. Last
night Ethan brought his computer over for troubleshooting and to get
some old free games from the Underdog
freeware site (warning: site full of adware/banners). Alas, throughout
the weekend I had this nasty cold that continues to haunt Vanessa and I.
I heard Vanessa’s ear de-pressurize in the car this morning. Aye, for

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