Can’t afford a blue screen?
guy tells you how to build one. Basically, just need to find big rolls
of blue table cloth at a party supply store. (He also explains what a
screen is in case you’re wondering.) The

also has a few interesting tips for low budget video editing in

Brennan had an interesting idea for a more silent computer. (My
computer sounds like a helicopter with all those fans.)
He suggests putting
the computer in a closet and connecting your keyboard, mouse, etc.
to a USB hub. I guess the hardest part would be extending the monitor
DVI cables might go further than VGA cables. Well, something
to think about anyway.

Don’t you hate it when the freezer produces those icecubes that are
rounded and they dam up the liquid as you drink it, producing a
that eventually overflows on to your shirt? Yeah, I thought so.

I saw a faux diamond-covered computer mouse today, apparently from
They apparently have a

one as well.

I was just listening to

with Andrew Collins on BBC 6 Music.
They play some newly released songs and then go around the room and
each person gives a score out of 10. There’s always an old fogey who
hates all the good songs and likes the boring ones. Kinda the equivalent
of the grumpy old lady they usually have judging on Iron Chef. I usually
tend to agree with the host’s opinion of the songs, though he usually
keeps his opinions close to the vest.

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