Apparently, there have been some
minor tremors in
My aunt up there said my little cousin had just watched Peter Pan and
was afraid
Captain Hook was coming in his ship to get him.

There were donuts in the break room today. One must be alert
for charity traps in such cases. They place the nice tasty donuts
right there in the break room. Then you get back to your desk and
find an email. “Thanks so much for everyone’s help with BlahBlah
There are donuts in the break room. Guilty donuts!”

We rented Master and Commander the other night. It involved
naval warfare between the Brits and French around the time of Napolean.
Some might consider it a bit dry but I liked it. I thought the most
interesting part was that there were boys in the navy at the time
who did everything the men did.

My spam count has gotten high enough that I don’t even feel like
them to SpamCop anymore. Good
thing I just installed Spambayes…even
if it is a pain to setup with Outlook Express.

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