Did ya ever notice that the Armatron came
with little DEVO hats?

Ah, the most relaxing website in the world. The Boobah site. (flash required) It’s a
show in Britain that’s like the Teletubbies. The site’s so simple a
kindergartener could use it. Very odd though.

Apparently, the new realplayer tries to open a browser on .rpm
streaming files instead of just opening the sound file or whatever. I
think they got rid of the “seek to” menu option too. However, new
content commands me to download the new, more evil realplayer. I went
to a lot of trouble to specifically find the old Realplayer 8. Hmm,
nerdly dilemmas.

Vince and Doug were over last night. Doug played Pathetique on our
keyboard to show us it works well…except for the keyboard missing some
keys on the lower end needed to play the song. 🙂 Vince convinced me
to be patient when using Kazaa Lite. I’m interested in using Kazaa Lite
to find videos that you can’t find anywhere else. Vince got some Blue Man Group videos which are
rather entertaining. Also, DEVO videos, of course. I’m looking for some
Japanese gameshows.

How did “ZZZZZZZZZ” get to be the standard for the comics sleep sound?

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