I went and mountain biked a bit in the foothills Saturday. They’ve
bridged several
of the little gulleys and made the trails nicer. There’s
even a little area with some huge jumps that I’d be too afraid to take.
Take yer mountain bike up to the end of Indian School and it’s a great
place to mountain bike. Mind you, there are a billion speed bumps in
the hoity-toity neighborhood that leads up there.

I was digitally backing up some old film my dad had from his family in
the 50s
that he had backed up to video. However, I’ve just recently
been reading about the limited lifetime of things like CDs
and DVDs which I was planning to back up to. I’m hearing
it can be as short-lived as 10 years. Bleh. So do I
have to keep these things backed up on hard drives? What a huge
amount of space!

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