Hmm, according to this
site, James Cameron’s “Ghosts of the Abyss” is playing at Century Rio
24’s 3D screen. It’s more a 3D showoff documentary than a movie as I
understand it. I didn’t know Century 24 had a 3D setup. We saw Cameron
being interviewed last night on Larry King Live. Larry King has this
weird interview style where he doesn’t leave any pause in between an
answer and the next question. He must have gone to the military school
of interviewing.

I started taking free online piano lessons from gopiano.com. You read from webpages
and listen to realaudio samples as the guy teaches you stuff. I’ve
learned CDEFGAB. I am not yet licensed to play Mary Had a Little Lamb.
I did spend a lot of time the other day studying Gary Numan’s Cars video
to figure out that simple five note sequence on the keyboard. The fact
that it took me that long to figure out a simple five notes was probably
the catalyst for finding free online piano lessons.

Through much negotiating at Office Max yesterday, I managed to get a 17
inch monitor for what will theoretically be $70 after rebate. There
were all these instant rebates on it if you bought it online and it was
difficult to make it clear to them what rebates were online so that
they’d pricematch it. I kept getting ready to pay the higher price and
then Vanessa would encourage me to tell them about yet another rebate. I
think negotiating is not my strong point.

We went on a nice long walk through the neighborhood yesterday. It’s
nice to get outside after being kinda sickly for two weeks.

Saturday, we did a great deal of shopping. (though not much actual
purchasing) That evening, we had a video chat with Kiernan as he was in
Los Alamos. Through Yahoo Messenger, he could see us on the webcam as
we used voice chat to talk to him. Ah, the days of video phone are here.

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