My brother, Ethan, was telling me that you can get cable modem from
Comcast and then get Limited Basic Cable (basic network channels), all
for $56 a month. Chopping $34 dollars a month off of our cable bill
would be nice. There’s not THAT much good stuff on cable anyway. I wish
I could just buy a single channel like TechTV somehow. Hmm, DirecTV is
selling a basic
for $34 that includes TechTV. Perhaps just dumping basic
cable down to limited basic and then buying this DirecTV package would
be prudent. Doh, I’m told that DirecTV charges extra for each TV.
Anyway, I just contacted
Comcast and told them I’m thinking of getting DirecTV because they don’t
offer TechTV on basic analog cable.

Several came over last night and we had a bible study. After this, we
played DDRMAX with Clint. This is probably the last time we will be
able to beat him, since his training is going very fast.

Got the Goonies R Good Enough video on Kazaa Lite. Those 80s wrestlers
were weird. Captain Lou Albano has a rubberband stuck to his cheek.

Lady Kier from Deee-lite is suing
Sega for having a character like her in Space Channel 5. I think Sega
could solve this problem by giving me a Dreamcast, Samba
De Amigo
(Flash link) and the maracas that go with it. Don’t ask me
how this would help.

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