Hmm, what do you do if you are a company and your target demographic is
people ages 18-34 but they throw out junk mail before entering the house,
screen their phone with an answering machine, use Tivo to fast-forward
through commercials, blocking software to block web ads, and filter their
e-mail for spam? Dunno. Just a general question. It is to laugh. It seems
like agressive advertising leads to more alienation of customers.
You ever meet someone who
has the same mannerisms and a similar look to someone else you know and
you wish you could have the two meet to see if they agreed that they are
similar? Of course, they probably wouldn’t think they were anything like
eachother and would probably get insulted or something.
Sometimes when programming,
I design, code, compile, compile fails, edit and recompile about 15 times.
And then the big moment comes. I type in the name of the program or script
to run it and I look expectantly at the Enter key…why does a little piece
of plastic make me so nervous?
Played a bit of online JK2
last night with me cousin, Casey. Actually, I played a bit before work.
I picked the Mon Mothma character and made my name Mon Mothra. tee hee.
Don’t ask me why they modeled a character after Mon
, “a stern, stately woman of middle age”. She reminds me of Janet
Reno. Maybe this is the start of a new line of videogame characters like
Dwayne from Accounts Receivable.
I’ve already been getting
a lot of spam at Comcast. I suspect the spammers derive my name from my
webpage URL. Wouldn’t be that hard. As soon as I figure out a way to block
it, I’ll let ya know. Maybe I should get a paid spamcop

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