Here are a few test videos from Ethan and I playing with the blue
We were using a simple blue curtain for the tests.  We learned about the blue screen process and had a lot of
fun.   Also, I shrunk down
wacky U2 video
to a more manageable 18 MB.
Update: I’ve just learned that I shouldn’t encode in mpeg-2 because it
doesn’t play in windows by default. I shall re-encode these in mpeg-1 which CAN
play in windows by default. (To play these particular video files, you have to install
an mpeg2 codec.
Extract the codec files from the zip and run register.bat This codec
also comes with DVD player software if you already have that installed.) Sorry for
the inconvenience. Codecs are such a pain. Hopefully,
non-evil formats like VP3
will gain hardware acceptance…but that hasn’t happened for
Ogg Vorbis. Ah, ya just wanna send a
video of something you’ve made to gramma but there are 10 companies
that want money along the way and gramma has to download
some weird codec or ad-ridden player which she has no idea how to do.
This concludes my nerdly gibbering.

Did my first iron-on transfer shirt.
   I think I’ll put the pictures
used on a special page so that people can
make their own such t-shirt should they be odd enough.  I found
fine Honduran T-shirts at Walmart for $5.  So basically, it’s a $6
shirt of whatever you want.

I came in to work at 8 this morning. Traffic and construction made me half an hour late.
I keep forgetting the huge penalties of going to work at the same time
as everyone else. That’s why I usually start work at 9 and leave at 6.

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