Vanessa and Gramma Peny had their singing recital Saturday. We rented
a video camera. I think I almost deleted part of it. Fortunately not.
Gramma Peny goes back to Wisconsin this week.

Yesterday for lunch we went to Boston Market. I don’t think
that’ll be happening again for me. Come on…mayonnaise on a
chicken teriyaki sandwich? I could barely tolerate them in the
first place. I guess at least they’re better
than Cracker Barrel. They seem to have made an enemy of my sister as well
with their mayonnaise insanity. I wonder how they came up with mayonnaise
in the first place? “Look here, Margaret Manganese! You got your vinegar in my eggs
and lemon juice! It tastes horrid! This will not stand!” But Margaret,
intent on not wasting anything, uses the nasty concoction in place of
the lard ‘n’ chives spread they had previously used in their tavern
and the rest is history. (Note: these events are not historically accurate.
See store for details.)

We went to the roller rink yesterday with the young peoples from the congregation.
I’m still wobbly on roller blades. If you fall in front of me, there
is a good chance you’ll get hurt. Amazingly, I didn’t fall once yesterday,
though I did the arms flailing thing many times.

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