Does anybody know how to setup a shortcut key combination to start
Internet Explorer?
I right clicked on the Explorer icon and told it to shortcut to
Windows+i. Result?
It ignores me.

This is amusing. It’s another
Nathan and Vanessa
in Albuquerque.

I was talking to my aunt last night about a
that covers
Southwest Airlines. We have a relative who works at Southwest and
my aunt was telling me about how they sometimes do little
practical jokes. They occasionally put my relative in the
overhead compartment to surprise people who opened it. (until one
fellow got pretty mad about it.)

My aunt was also telling me about an incident when I was about 3,
Alaska where she was pulling me on a sled and my breath started
fogging and I started crying and said,
“I’m a bad boy. My mom and dad told me not to smoke and I’m smoking.”

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