Since it’s gramma Peny’s last few days here in Albuquerque for the winter,
we went to China King buffet. They had to remodel/rename to compete with
China Star, the Super Wal-Mart of Chinese buffets. China King’s a good place.
Vanessa and her mom and gramma put the hurt on them in the seafood department.
And, this place has real icecream cartons rather than that pump o’ pseudo-icecream.
China King is hidden behind Olive Garden…I hope
they don’t go out of business because of bad location. After that,
we played Scrabble with gramma. Vanessa won by getting 39 points for
the word, FACE. Bravo! The PDA with Excel was great for keeping score.
Just type in the score in columns and highlight the column to see how
much each person scores.

The former Phillipines president’s wife
contacted me, needing my assistance
to transfer 18 million dollars to the US.
Yeah, it’s the Phillipines version of the Nigerian
419 scam.
They need to work on their version of the scam. In most versions,
it’s an “innocent party” trying to get the money out.
Not some corrupt politician. Also, if the money is already safely
in Europe, why do they really need me to help? I believe blog
protocol requires me to make a humorous retort to the email and so I shall.
Here is the original email with my reply.

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