Did you know there is debate over whether there should be a comma
the final conjunction in a list of things? For example, “Bring spoons,
knives, and fondue forks to the party.”
“Bring spoons, knives and fondue forks to the party.” Microsoft Word
it either way. I was taught in school to include the comma, then
recently, someone pointed to an English syntax book that said not to
use it.
Now I find that there is debate about it. Eh, punctuation is
all so arbitrary and illogical anyway. Lets get rid of it altogether 🙂
Ah, you can always count on this page for the most fascinating topics.
Next week, a virtual tour of a box factory.

A nifty video
of a guy playing the Super Mario music on an electric guitar. (WMV

Here, have a video.

in Clerkenwell

(large Quicktime. See cache for details.)

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