If you have a Casio Data Bank 300 geek watch, don’t try to replace the
battery yourself and don’t let Target or Wal-Mart do it. A while back,
my watch was messed up in this way. I had to mail it in for repairs. Why
did Casio make the battery so hard to replace? Anyway, just mail it in
for battery replacement in the first place. You can’t win.
Grrr, I knew it was illegal!
New Mexico state law says:
N.M. STAT. ANN. S 57-12-22
(Michie 1993). — A person shall not utilize an automated telephone dialing
or push-button or tone-activated address signaling system with a prerecorded
message to solicit persons to purchase goods or services unless there is
an existing business relationship between such persons and the person being
called consents to hear the prerecorded message.

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