There should be some sort of DDR-like game where you lift weights. Geeks would suddenly become as big and muscular as the jocks! As it is, DDR just makes you more wiry (which is my brother’s main complaint about it.)

I was just thinking…you make all these interesting bookmarks in your browser and then just forget about them. What’s the point? Maybe that’s the reason for RSS. Not only do you bookmark the interesting page, but it automatically comes to you when there’s an update. Alas, Comcast doesn’t seem to be setup for RSS, so I can’t put this page in RSS.

We finally figured out Vanessa’s problems with uploading her webpage from Mozilla. Apparently, Mozilla Composer 1.3 was a bit daft about how it FTPs things. Mozilla Composer 1.6 works fine for her.

Now this guy is into gadgets.

My cousin in Alaska and I were sending eachother video through Yahoo messenger video chat. He was sending me the output from his Xbox and I was sending him the output from my DVD player. To get the video to run in super mode (fast) you may have to setup a DMZ on your router. Also, under the recording control panel on the volume control, select wav out mix or line in (whichever your video capture uses) instead of mic for the sound, so that the guy on the other end can hear the show.

Alas, it turns out my iron-on transfer T-shirt did not last through the first washing. The iron-on rubbed off in some areas. (Office Depot brand.) Kiernan recommends Royal Brite iron-on transfers. If my next iron-on experiments fail, I may have to resort to that, though it is pretty expensive.

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