Allow me to make another generalized demand of the internet. Someone
make a program that lets me instant message my computer at home to tell
it to download things or run programs. DO IT!

Have a listen to this.
(evil real audio) It’s a bit of the Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo guy)
commentary about the soundtrack he did for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

I was finally able to burn a VCD. With the 40X CD burner, it burned in
3 minutes. This makes me a huge nerd with huge nerd powers! Wow!

Vanessa and I were playing a free association game in the car this
morning. “The leg bone connected to the chocolate bone. Da chocolate
bone connected to da robot bone….” We decided you win when the other
person repeats a previously stated bone. This game can last a while. I
finally lost when I mentioned the stop bone.

We played DDR for an hour yesterday, trying songs that we hadn’t
previously done in heavy mode. Haven’t been that sweaty in a while.

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