Thanks to a newsgroup post, I found out how to save Quicktime movies if
you’re using Netscape in Windows.  Go to Start Menu->Settings->Control
Panel.  Double-click the Quicktime icon.  Select Browser Plug-in
from the menu.  Check the Save movies in disk cache checkbox. 
Find out the exact URL of the movie you’re trying to view.  You might
do this by viewing the movie and clicking View->Page Source and searching
for .mov.  Then enter the URL of the movie into the browser and load
up the movie.  After it’s all loaded, it should be in your browser
cache.  Open the Edit->Preferences… menu and on the left, select
Advanced->Cache to find out where that is.  Go to that directory and
click on the Size column to arrange files by size.  A large .mov file
may be near the top.  Copy it and rename it what you like.  Is
it all worth it?  Probably not.  🙂  But I like to have
the answers to things.

My counter on here is about to break 1000.  Woot!  Probably just e-mail harvesters.

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