Ya know, somebody should mass-produce a small 6-foot tall backyard
windmill that would charge
household batteries. It’d need a water-proof compartment to hold the
batteries, of
course. Alas, I would guess such a windmill would take several days to
charge one AA
battery, but I could be wrong. It looks like
site might have some ideas on how to build such a thing.

This theater-style popcorn popper we got in the break room is like
a little puppy. It looked like a cute idea but once people realized
what a clean-up nightmare it is, very few people are signing up for
a day as the popcorn person. I just caused a smokey disaster myself.
Now I’m eating some rather nasty popcorn.

Ah, I used to have this
BASIC games book
. I may still have it. I used
to type in text-based games on my Atari 400 from it.

Last night we watched

to Extremes

on the National Geographic channel. In this episode, a guy from England
travelled to Siberia
to the coldest town in the world. People in the area live on reindeer
and horsemeat. A few
people had permanent frostbite burns on their faces. Doesn’t look like

I stayed home sick yesterday with the worst cold in recent memory. It
still feels
like there is a balloon in my sinuses. Hopefully the baby will not come
I’m sick.

I opened a carton of orange juice in the fridge and poured myself a
cup. I had
noticed that the carton was slightly puffy. I took a swallow and it was
somewhat acidic
and very odd-tasting. I looked at the expiration date and it was a week
ago. What did
it taste like? Sunny D.

I think I may have figured out the problem with Video Deluxe not
burning DVDs. It
may not like old DVD-Rs because it succeeded with DVD+RW.

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