From Slashdot — “East Side Journal reports that without telling anyone,
Microsoft has suddenly changed
the privacy preferences for all Hotmail users. They’re now sharing your
name and other personal information with third parties, even if you said
you didn’t want that when you signed up. (If you’re a user, login, go to
Options > Personal Profile, and un-check the boxes at the bottom of that
Posted: 11:56 a.m. EDT May
17, 2002 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque police have tracked down an accused
carjacker from a call he made. Police said a man who had just carjacked
three people at gunpoint in Albuquerque tracked down the phone number of
one of his victims and gave that person a call. He wanted to know how to
hook up the car’s stereo amplifier. The victim’s cell phone captured the
caller’s number. Police said the number traced back to Amadeo Salguero,
who lives across the street from where the carjacking occurred. He was
arrested Tuesday. Salguero is in the Bernalillo County Detention Center,
facing charges including robbery, aggravated assault and receiving stolen
Well, we got in line early
for Star Wars last night…geeking out in the line with a friend’s laptop
and our gameboy. The kid in front of us had his light saber. Oh, the movie?
Action-packed, Pee Wee! And we got good seats too…which I learned is
half of everything. Not to spoil anything, but that was weird how Anakin
turns into a potato. (just kidding)
Before the movie, in the
theater lobby, we were watching a guy and a girl play DDR 4th mix. The
guy was hopping around on the double-pad mode and even turning around without
looking at the screen sometimes. Plus, they had this nonchalant look on
their faces like they were annoyed at how easy it was. I had thought Vanessa
and I would get up there and be semi-impressive after our practice on the
game at home…but after these two, we would have looked pretty pitiful
so we just went to the line for the movie.

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