site tries to match your face to a celebrity…if you can figure out
the Norwegian interface.
José Carreras, a Spanish opera singer is my closest match, it
A hint on the interface…click that Browse button to upload
your picture. menn means male and kvinner means female.
After it’s done you can click Mer Lik to see more like you. I wouldn’t
exactly say it’s very

Ever since viewing Minority Report, I find myself making odd gestures
the monitor as I work with the computer.
Hopefully, someone will write a webcam program to interpret those
You know, things like sweeping your hand downward to minimize all

We rented the movie, Timeline. We have a TV Guardian which silences
naughty words
and displays (sometimes funny) alternatives in captioning. Apparently,
the British army addressed
the French army as “those French jerks”. Overall, the movie probably
isn’t worth
renting. Something that stuck out at me was the apparent lack of any
graphics. At least, I can’t remember any. They must have either had a
low budget
or some artistic direction to avoid it. In the “climactic” scene where
go back in time in the time machine, the only signal that it’s
happening is that
there is a bright light, a bunch of wind and “it really hurts a lot”. I
didn’t care enough to see if there
was a production documentary on the DVD. Some of the actors probably
should have
been replaced with more life-like computer-generated
counterparts…like those guys
in Atari 2600 basketball.

It just occurred to me that you are always cross-eyed. When you focus
on something,
each eye is pointed at it and they cross, though subtly. You are only
uncrossing them
when you look at a stereogram.

We went over to the grandparents’ house Saturday evening and had
a nice visit. My uncle regaled us with a tale about how he
spent a night outside in Alaska at 30 below many years ago. He actually
a bit of frostbite on his toes but it wasn’t severe enough
to be permanent. He wore multiple layers of bread bags and socks
on his feet. The weather guy had told him it was
going to be zero degrees, so he was pretty surprised when he found out
that it had been 30 below. He was saying that at 50 below, you have
to wear a mask or the air will freeze your lungs and mess them
up…possibly permanently.
We also watched a DVD I made that had footage of us as kids. Ah,
the bowl haircuts.

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