talks about several panhandlers who spend the money on
alcohol. I should carry some sort of foodstuffs in my pocket to hand
out. Mind you, I don’t think it’d be mashed potatoes.

A co-worker gave me a copy of Knoppix,
which is a copy of Linux that boots from a CD. I just setup my BIOS to
boot from CD before the hard drive and stuck in the CD. A few minutes
later, I’m looking at a pretty Mac OS X-like KDE desktop interface. Now
I can say I run Linux without any effort! Of course, I didn’t do
anything 1337 yet, like get the sound or networking going.

Check out this site. Pulse 3D‘s Veeper
software allows you to take a picture of someone and make it talk with
whatever sound input you put in. As you can see on their demo page, it’s not perfect, but
it’s still amusing. I’m seeing prices of $50,000 for the software.
Yowza. Somewhat like 3DMENOW.

Saturday, Kiernan was on his way here from Los Alamos for a day at the
zoo but his car broke down. We picked him up in Santa Fe and stopped at
Borders on the way home where I got the Best Of CD from Madness to play
in the car on the way back to Albuquerque. (Grrr, CDs almost $20 at
physical stores.) Vanessa got free tickets at work, so Kiernan, Vince,
Vanessa and I went to a baseball game yesterday. It was the local
baseball team, the Isotopes
against a Tennessee team. Our team won. I’m not normally into
sports…in fact, I find them pretty boring…but it’s good for a lark
once in a while. And there were hotdogs. Anything with hotdogs can’t
be all that bad. We even got a second mortgage on the house to afford a
large Dr Pepper. Kiernan ended up renting a Ford Focus which came with
an mp3 CD player. Surprising that it’s that standard. le petite photocollage

Saturday we went with Sam and Vince to eat sushi at Huong Thao. Sushi
at a Vietnamese place. I got the volcano rolls. I was dissapointed to
find that they were called volcano rolls not because they were spicy,
but because they had lots of squishy raw fish erupting from the top. At
the end, Vince and I each ate a plop* of wasabi. Our eyes
welled up. I still feel the pain.
* three dabs to a plop

Here’s a message typed by Kelly’s son, Ethan, who is about a year old: ”
xfdb j r ttti u yv c6jh x545bvvvv bbtx vvxv l
6THYYU4MMMMMMMN” Unless I am mistaken, it’s the first 15 prime numbers
in dodecadecimal code.

I’m recovered from my stomach ailment today. I figure turnabout is
fair play so I shall now take a moment to mock the bacteria or virus
that caused the illness.
Hello little beasties. Is that the best you can do? I’ve seen
longer illnesses from cold viruses. And you KNOW how stupid they are!
Even the pitiful defenses of my stomach made you wish you never left
that door knob or keyboard or wherever I picked you up from. I even fed
you a foot-long BMT from Subway! That should have at least made you
last a couple days more. You make me sick. I say to you, “NANNY NANNY

(I’m sure I shall eat these words later.)

As I’ve mentioned before, Blender
is a free 3D graphics program. Kiernan has helpfully put up some
Blender tutorial videos
(realvideo) on his website. Now you can learn Blender and make your own
3D movie all free of charge!

It’s Arling and Cameron! (lounge-pop duo from Netherlands) Where do they get
those wonderful uniforms?

I’m on call at work. We shall see if things go as they have when I’ve
previously been on call and been awakened at 4 AM Saturday morning.

I hooked up my computer to the living room TV just for kicks. Played a bit of
Voyager on the TV. Woot!

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