The most groovy song ever, Spock’s Highly
. (mp3)

Bear with me as I steal another link from slashdot, but I thought this
was very interesting. Misterhouse
is an open source home automation project. Have your computer control
lights through X10 devices and even
some voice control. Hold me back!

Say, nice watch!
(cellphone watches) There was a comment on slashdot about how people
with those cellphone headsets that you can’t see from the side look like
they’re talking to themselves.

Went to another Nathan’s house last night to try to help him to get his
XP drive mapping working. One computer couldn’t see the other in the
network neighborhood. We ended up just adding NETBUI (however you spell
it). We shouldn’ta had to do that. Who can understand the mysteries of
Windows networking? They had a baby monitor which used an infrared
light and let them see the baby sleeping in the dark from another room.

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