birth of Sean

Oi, what days these have been! Thursday afternoon after Vanessa had had some borderline medical tests, they decided to induce her. She called me at work and I headed over to the hospital. Over a period of many hours they administered several drugs to cause the process to happen gradually. Vanessa was working hard Friday night which was probably the longest night of our lives. But in the end, the baby got stuck today and they ended up having to do a Cesarean. The painless way? I assure you not. It was very hard to see Vanessa go through that. Thankfully, they got him out in the end and he’s in fine health. His name be Sean and he was worth all the trouble.

Sadly, at the UNM hospital, they have us in a double-family room in which the dad cannot stay overnight! So now, I’m home about to catch up on the many hours of sleep I’m missing and head back over tomorrow.

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