A while back I bought a $120 mouse from cyberrebate.com. The idea was that they sell you items inflated by 10 times and then 3 months later, they send you a rebate for the full amount so you get it for free. Well, now they’re bankrupt and I probably won’t get the rebate. Don’t I feel sheepish. With all my warning people about pyramid schemes and urban legends, I fall for this. I would laugh at me if I were you.

Gameboy Advance comes out June 11th and I think that’d be cool. Very light-weight and has low power consumption. I thought I had the ideal “portable” game machine with my Sega Nomad…until I finally realized that it’s pretty impractical to try to hold up a couple of pounds of console and batteries for very long before losing circulation or hurting your wrists. The Nomad is probably the heaviest “handheld” ever and had horrible battery life. The Gameboy Advance is only 5 ounces…almost pocketable and supposedly has a battery life of 12 hours or more.

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