I’ve found the Google toolbar to
be pretty helpful. It’s a plug-in for Internet Explorer that put’s a google
search box right in your browser.
Vanessa took the ’93 Toyota
Camry into the dealer to get the antenna and back automatic window repaired.
They did a routine review of the car and found about 2K worth of stuff
to do. Woohoo! Ironically, I had just been looking at the Dell laptop site
just kinda thinking that maybe a laptop would be the right choice instead
of a desktop…but I thought nah…the one I’d want would be about 2K.
I seem to think of costs in general in terms of electronics. “This replacement
of the distributor O-ring and valve adjustment will cost you one Xbox and
2 games. This other part you never heard of that I just made up will cost
one Geforce 4 video card.”

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